2020 Recitals – UPDATED

Saturday, August 22nd

Tower Park Amphitheater in Ft. Thomas
Map it!
Cochran Avenue

Fort Thomas, KY 41075

We have been able to reschedule our recitals for Saturday, August 22, 2020.  The shows will be held at the Tower Park Amphitheater in Ft. Thomas. We will have 5 shows that day. Each class will participate in one show. There will be no dress rehearsal. We are so excited that we will get to show off our dances and costumes this year and although it is very different circumstances, we know our dancers will shine and make lasting memories.
Listed below are the show times and which classes are in each show. Dancers will need to come dressed in their first costume and arrive 15 minutes prior to their show. The first three shows listed, consisting of our younger students, will last about 45 minutes. The last two shows listed, will last about 1.5 hours.

10:00 AM show
Mon 5 SGA
Mon 10:30 SGA
Thurs 4 H1
Thurs 4:15 SGA
Wed 6 SGA
Thurs 6 H2
Mon 5:45 SGA

12:00 PM show
Mon 6 SGB
Mon 4:15 SGA
Wed 4:30 SGA
Wed 5:30 SGB
Sat 9:30 H2
Mon 9:30 SGA
Thurs 5:30 SGA
Tues 4:45 SGB

2:15 PM show
Sat 11:00 H1
Sat 12:15 H1
Mon 6:45 SGA
Sat 10:30 H2
Wed 5:45 WLD
Sat 9 WLD
Tues 6:45 SGA

4:30 PM show
Sat 9:15 H1
Thurs 4:15 H2
Tues 5 SGA
Fri 4:15 H1
Wed 5:30 H2
Sat 10:30 WLD
Thurs 6 WLD
Show Troupe
Powder Puff

7:00 PM Show
Mon 4:15 H1
Mon 5 H2
Mon 4:30 WLD
Mon 6:15 H1
Tues 5:30 H1
Tues 5:30 H2
Tues 5 WLD
Wed 7:15 SGA Hip Hop
Mon 7 H2 Hip Hop
Hip hop Troupe