Ms. Danielle Ramsey


Years with Manyet Dance

This is Ms. Danielle’s third year teaching at Manyet Dance.

Dance Background/Credentials

Ms. Danielle comes from a dance family and began dancing at her home studio, on Long Island, New York, when she was 3 years old. She was with that studio until she graduated high school. She competed and was professionally trained in the areas of ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary, theater, and hip hop. She also went to many dance conventions studying various dance styles. Throughout her dance career she also was a cheerleader and a tumbler. Additionally, she taught gymnastics for many years. Ms. Danielle then went off to college at Hofstra University where she minored in Dance and was a part of a dance performance club that had shows twice a year. At Hofstra, she was given the opportunities to be trained by some top professionals in the industry from New York City focusing on the areas of ballet, jazz, and tap.

Favorite Style of Dance

Ms. Danielle’s favorite style of dance is jazz, with lyrical being  close second! She loves jazz because there is a lot of creative freedom with that dance form while still having the opportunity to highlight and showcase great technique. The style of jazz allows for a variety of expression and movement, and she really enjoys that versatility. Lyrical is a close second because it’s a beautiful movement style while still being very technical. Ms. Danielle enjoys clean movement with a taste of style and diversity! In addition Ms. Danielle has a sweet spot for tumbling and acro. She enjoys teaching new tricks to students which they can then incorporate into a dance routine. And she loves seeing students accomplish  a new tumbling trick and get excited about it!