2021 – 2022 Policies and Procedures

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Class Times

Younger students are to arrive no sooner than 5 minutes before class time, unless specific arrangements have been made with their teacher. We do not have the staff available to watch over these little ones prior to the start of class. Also, parents should arrive promptly to pick up students from class for this same reason.


Dance Attire

Dance shoes, tights and leotards can be purchased (at competitive prices). As we set up our new office space, please reach out via email (manyetdance@gmail.com) to schedule time to purchase dancewear.

All Classes

    • Hair should be secured back away from face and up off of neck.
    • No jewelry other than small pierced earrings.
    • Street shoes will not be permitted to be worn on the dance floors, with the exception of hip hop classes, during which students can wear gym shoes that have not been worn outside.

Tiny Tunes and
Dance Buddies
  • Dance or play clothes
  • clean gym shoes or pink ballet shoes
One hour,
1 1/4 hour and
1 1/2 hour classes
  • Plain black leotard
  • pink tights
  • pink ballet shoes
  • tan tap shoes (buckle or velcro, Mary Jane style tap shoes)
1 3/4 hour classes
  • Any color leotard
  • Tights worn below the knees
  • Pink ballet shoes
  • Tan tap shoes
  • Jazz shoes may be required for recital. A decision will be made once the recital costume is picked out.
2 hour classes
  • Any color leotard
  • Tights worn below the knees
  • Pink ballet shoes
  • tan jazz shoes
  • Black tap shoes
  • Students approximately age 12 and older may be required to also purchase tan heel taps or dance paws/foot undeez, depending on recital dance.
Junior Jazz
  • Any color leotard and tights
  • Tan jazz shoes
  • Leotard
  • Tights are optional, stretch shorts with leotard are acceptable
  • Bare feet
Girls Hip Hop
  • Fitted top or leotard
  • Exercise pants, capris or long shorts (dancers often do floor work and may prefer pants that cover their knees)
  • Gym shoes (must be a pair that has not been worn outside)
Boys Hip Hop
  • T-shirt
  • Basketball shorts or sweats
  • Gym shoes (must be a pair that has not been worn outside)
Male Dance Students
  • Black stretch shorts
  • White t-shirt
  • Black ballet shoes
  • Black tie taps
Adult Students
  • Comfortable dance or exercise wear


Fun Weeks

This is a break from the normal routine.

  • October 25th through October 30th – (all classes) Students may wear old recital costumes or any color of dancewear to this class if they wish. We incorporate fun and educational dance and coordination activities into these classes.
  • December 13th through December 18th – (all classes) This is our Christmas party time. More details will be in our December newsletter.
  • March 28th through April 2nd – (all classes) Manyet Spirit Week! Students should show their Manyet pride by dressing old costumes, Manyet dance wear or dance wear in the color purple.
  • For the younger classes, an additional Fun Week may be scheduled by individual teachers.



Every year (around September) Manyet Dance holds a fundraiser to earn credits towards FREE RECITAL ITEMS in the Ready – Set – Recital! bundle. Student participation in this fundraiser is optional. Students can earn recital bundle credits for each pre-determined amount of merchandise sold. The credits will help to earn free recital items such as costumes, t-shirts and DVDs. This is especially helpful for families with more than one dancer or students taking multiple classes. Money should be collected at the time the order is taken. All orders must be paid for with one check, or money order, when the order is turned in. We will only accept checks from our dance families and any checks from our dance families should be made out to Manyet Dance.



  • Thanksgiving Break
    • Wednesday, November 24th through Saturday, November 27th
    • Classes resume on Monday, November 29th
  • Winter Break
    • Monday, December 20th through Saturday, January 1st
    • Classes resume on Monday, January 3rd
  • Spring Break
    • Monday, April 4th through Saturday, April 9th
    • Classes resume on Monday, April 11th



Highland Heights – Please do not stop at the door to drop off. You may stop at the rear corner of the building or pull around and drop off on the other side at the front of the building.

Wilder – There is ample parking in the Town & Country parking lot.


Payment Sessions

  • First Session
    • Wednesday, September 8th through Tuesday, November 2nd
    • Payment due by Wednesday, September 1st
    • Late fee applied on Tuesday, September 15th
  • Second Session
    • Wednesday, November 3rd through Saturday, January 15th
    • Payment due by Wednesday, November 3rd
    • Late fee applied on Wednesday, November 10th
  • Third Session
    • Monday, January 17th through Saturday, March 12th
    • Payment due by Monday, January 17th
    • Late fee applied on Monday, January 24th
  • Fourth Session
    • Monday, March 14th through Recital (TBD, usually in May)
    • Session 4 may be slightly altered depending on recital dates
    • Payment due Monday, March 14th
    • Late fee applied on Monday, March 21st

There will be a $25 charge on all checks returned from the bank. Payments made after the grace period will incur a $20 late fee charge. Students will not be permitted to advance to the next session if their previous session is not paid in full.

For your convenience, we also offer the option for you to pay ONLINE by credit or debit card by simply logging into your Manyet account and choosing which charges to pay.  If you would like to enroll in automatic payments, you can choose “yes” from the drop down menu under “recurring payments.”

There are no refunds on tuition payments or registration fees.

Family discounts are offered at 10% off of one class per child.


Every year we make arrangements with a company that specializes in dance photography, to photograph our students. Full length portraits will be taken at our studios on two separate dates. The picture date for Dance Troupes is April 15, 2022. All other dancers will get pictures on April 16, 2022. Please sign up for an appointment time that is convenient for you, as soon as the sign-up website is released in March of 2022. Sign up for separate time slots for each costume change. Also, on the day of, please notify the photographer in advance if there will be costume changes. The dance studio usually receives a 5×7 complimentary portrait of each student photographed to be displayed in our waiting area.


“Ready-Set-Recital!” Bundle (costumes and fees)

All dance students are invited to perform in the annual recital. In order to simplify your life, we are once again combining some of your dancer’s needs with your dancer’s memories in our Ready – Set – Recital! bundle. If you choose to NOT be in our spring 2022 recital(s), you must notify the office by October 15th, 2021 so that we do not bill you for the bundle and so that a costume is not ordered for you.

What does your Manyet Dance Ready – Set – Recital! bundle include?

  • one custom recital t-shirt
  • one recital video
  • recital tights
  • recital costume fees

What does this mean for your family?

  • Your dancer’s recital t-shirt is already ordered.
  • Your recital video is already ordered.
  • Your dancer has the correct color, size, and style of recital tights already ordered.

And the BEST part???

  • The total cost for ALL included items is divided into 3 easy payments (see the list of dates below!).
  • This will help you budget accordingly to be prepared for the recital.
  • No last minutes trips and payments to get the correct recital tights!
  • By organizing this bundle for you, you are getting the best price on tights, t-shirts, and recital videos.

As always, we consciously try to keep costume costs to a minimum. If desired, see our fundraiser packet to help with these fees. Students with unpaid fees will not receive their costume until their account is up to date. Any student with an unpaid balance on rehearsal day will not participate in the rehearsal or the show.

Due dates for “Ready – Set – Recital!” bundle payments coincide with tuition due dates and are as follows:

  • Payment 1 (50% of bundle fee) – Due November 3rd, 2021
  • Payment 2 (25% of bundle fee) – Due January 17th, 2022
  • Payment 3 (25% of bundle fee) – Due March 14th, 2022

If a student chooses to quit classes or not participate in the recital once they have been billed for the Ready – Set – Recital! bundle, they are still responsible for payment of the items that have already been ordered for them and will receive those items once payment has been received. There are no refunds on Ready – Set – Recital! bundle payments.

Click here for the Ready – Set – Recital! bundle FAQs.


Recital Dates

Every year we hold an end of the year annual recital. This enables the dancers to show off their abilities and talents in routines choreographed by their individual instructors. All dance students are invited to perform in the annual recital.

Our recital dates are usually held in early May. We are in the process of finalizing the contracts and will notify you with more details as soon as we have a confirmation.


Recital Tickets

Dance recital tickets are handled with a lottery pull. Because many students order several tickets we feel it necessary to fill orders with two ticket pulls. This method gives everyone a fair opportunity to receive their preferred seating first. In this way, we can assure that all of our parents get their choice of seating before all others.

The first draw is for a limited amount of tickets (which will be listed on the order form). Keep in mind that you may order as many tickets as you like in the second draw. Payment for all tickets ordered must accompany the order form. All seats are reserved. And, before fulfilling ticket orders, all outstanding balances in your account must be paid.

Recital ticket order forms will be distributed in March/April. Any student with unpaid balances will not receive tickets until balance is paid in full. Again, please keep up to date with your payments. Any student with an unpaid balance on rehearsal day will not participate in the rehearsal or the show.


Registration Process

All students wishing to enroll must complete our online registration. that will open in May each year. There is a yearly registration fee per student.

$15 for registrations submitted and paid before July 1st
$20 for registrations submitted and paid from July 1st – August 1st
$25 for registrations submitted and paid after August 1st

There are no refunds on registration fees.


Severe Weather Policy

In case of severe weather (heavy snow, ice or tornadic activity), an email will be sent no later than two hours prior to the start of class, directly to the email accounts of the classes being affected. You may also check the home page of the website, our Facebook page and our Instagram account for updates on any class cancellations.

When there are multiple classes for the same age and level, your child can make up a missed class during another regularly scheduled class time. Refer to the 2021-2022 class schedule to view the other available class times. Please call the office to confirm the make-up class for your child.

If the following classes are cancelled, the teacher will be responsible for scheduling a make-up day for the class: pointe, Dance Troupe, tumbling, hip hop and adult classes.


Watch Weeks

There will be 3 full watch weeks during our dance year.  At this time, one adult per student will be permitted to sit inside the classroom and view the class.  Please arrange babysitting for other siblings as they will not be permitted inside the classroom.  We do not make exceptions.  Your special performer deserves your undivided attention and other children can often be a distraction.  Classroom doors will be left open at the teacher’s discretion.

Prior to each watch week, we will open a sign-up online through signupgenius.com.  Parents must reserve a spot in order to attend the watch week.  There will be a two week window is which ONE parent can sign up for ONE day to watch their child.  For example, if your child has class on Monday, you will have two Mondays to choose from on the signup form.  There is only enough spots for each parents to sign up for ONE of the two days.  In some instances, there may only be the option of one day for the watch week.  We will notify everyone via email and social media as each signup sheet becomes available.

WATCH WEEK 1:   October 4th – October 16th

WATCH WEEK 2:   January 17th – January 29th

WATCH WEEK 3:   April 18th – April 30th


Web Site

Student pictures (no names) may appear on our Web site. If you do not want your child’s picture to appear on our web site or in advertising, please notify the office in writing.