May 15th Recital Time Change – Now 6:30pm

Originally our shows on Saturday, May 15, 2021 at Highland High School were scheduled to be at 1:00 at 7:00 that day.  We need to make a change and now have our shows at 1:00 and 6:30.
Highlands High School prom is scheduled to be at the school at 7:00.  While it is not hosted in any part of the high school that we are using, we are worried about the traffic out front when dancers are trying to get to the show.  We didn’t want our dance families feeling stressed and potentially arriving late to the 7:00 show due to traffic and parking around the school.
We feel that it is in the best interest of our dance families to start our evening show at 6:30 PM.  To reiterate, dancers in our larger show, will dance in two shows on Saturday, May 15, 2021 – 1:00 PM & 6:30 PM.

2021 Recital Pictures

Saturday, April 24 – All Dancers
Sunday, April 25 – Dance Troupes Only

Pictures will be held at the Highland Heights studio this year.

Please follow the directions below to sign up online to have your picture taken.

  1. Click here Sign Up!
  2. Put in the access code “PURPLE” (in all capital letters).
  3. Choose your day and time to sign up.

You will be prompted to put in your email address so that you can be sent a reminder from the website. It will also ask for a phone number so that the studio can contact you the day of your pictures if need be.

Things to note:

  • For each costume, you get two poses.
  • If you are changing costumes, please sign up for two slots.
  • If you have two costumes or need an individual picture and then a picture with a sibling you can either choose to sign up for two slots on the same time or sign up for two consecutive time slots.
  • Dance and Show Troupes will be notified of their allotted times soon. Troupe members can do individual shots and sibling shots on Sunday during their allotted time.

Recital Ticket Order Forms – Due April 15th

Ticket order forms were emailed to each family and can also be downloaded from the 2021 Recitals page.

Order forms along with payment must be returned by Thursday, April 15th.

You may drop them off at the Highland Heights or Southgate studio or mail them to the Southgate office.

Anyone whose account is not paid in full will not receive recital tickets until all fees have been paid.

Summer Session 1 – Registration Now Open!

Our 5-week Summer 1 session will begin Monday, May 24th. The schedule has been emailed and can also be downloaded here. Head over to our Registration page to sign up!

Summer Session 2 will begin July 12 and that schedule will be emailed by the beginning of May.

These summer sessions will include classes such as ballet, tap, tumbling, jazz, pointe and hip hop classes as well as some specialty classes like Dance Buddies, Themed Dance Camps, Dance Team Prep and more. These short sessions are a great way to try something new or stay up on your technique.