Studio + Office Hours

Highland Heights StudioCold Spring Studio & Office
2411 Alexandria Pike
Highland Heights, KY 41076
345 Crossroads Boulevard
Cold Spring, KY 41076
Studio Phone: 859.781.7061Studio Phone: 859.441.0400
The studios are open during class times, available for private lessons and available for birthday parties.

Our office hours refer to the times of day where you can get in-person/immediate phone help from Ms. Shanel. These hours can change by session. The office is located at our Cold Spring studio just inside the
entry doors. The office hours for our 2023-2024 dance year are currently set as:

Tuesday || 9:15am-11:30am

Thursday || 6:00pm-8:00pm

Ms. Shanel can be reached outside of office hours at (preferred method!) or by texting or calling the office phone at 859-250-5042.